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Saturday, January 14, 2012

fabric buckets

fabric buckets
When I need a birthday gift for a small person, I usually end up asking the parents for gift inspiration. It makes my life easier, but it also ensures that the gift is something the child will like and be able to use.
fabric buckets
Next week, I'm going to a first birthday party for a friend's son, and she said that they could really use some fabric storage bins for their legos.
(I used this tutorial for inspiration, but modified it quite a bit, both because of the pieces of denim available to me and because I have a compulsion to do my own thing.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pencil roll

I've been admiring the pencil rolls Lori creates, so when we were invited to a third birthday party, I immediately thought "PENCIL ROLL TIME!" (As an unrelated aside, we've been invited to three weddings this Summer, which excites me because it gives me an excuse to make a tie and vest for my boy. Wheeee!)
I used my trusty friend google to find a tutorial (this one), agonized over fabric choices for a good hour, and finally set to work.

The birthday girl herself was a little pink-glitter-princess-blinded by her other gifts, but her mom was over the moon and very impressed with me for gifting something handmade. WIN! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

quickie sewing

I made this little outfit for Hannah (since the dress I made her won't fit for another year or so). The denim was left over from my skirt (which is also done - pictures to come soon) and the red-and-white fabric is some of that delicious Alexander Henry stuff I scored on sale at JoAnne's a while back. The pattern is pretty basic and uncomplicated (yessss!). It's out of print, but they have a very similar one in the Easy stich'n'save line.
I still have to add elastic into the pants' waist (I'm out - how lame!), so I'll have to go to JoAnne's, and you know how much I hate that... ;) (99cent fat quarters, here I come!). I love me a quick and easy project!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

gift for baby Landon

And here's what I was sewing last night! Inspired by all the little outfits Lera has been making for Sawyer...
I didn't realize, of course, that my fabric was directional, which made the whole thing a bit more fabric-consuming than expected (I just so had enough fabric).
Now, people, I need y'all to look at the bib close-up picture on flickr and tell me if there's a way to make the bias tape hug corners better. I'm frustrated with how many folds I had to sew into the bias tape, but I didn't have the time (or energy) to undo and try again or to undo and go without bias tape.
I had initially planned to make the bib with the animal fabric on the front and a big appliqued "L" on it, but then I ran into fabric-matching issues, and then I realized that it would be too much (way too much, as a matter of fact) to have the kid wear the animal pants and the bib at the same time (dizzying!)
Allrighty. I'm rambling. I better go make those cookies and cupcakes and whatnot. See you on the flip-flop!

getting ready to shower

not myself, a mom and dad! I'm helping put together a co-ed baby shower today (must leave house at noon). Of course, I had the craziest day ever yesterday with errands that needed to be run (one of which was to JoAnne's, where HOLD ME! fat quarters are 99cents (until July 21st, FYI) and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I only bought one. Eins. Uno. Un. One. I think I might need medical attention.
Anyways. I had made this grand plan the night before. I wrote out what I needed to do and which order to do it in and how much time it should take. Cute, huh? Of course, when I came home from running all the crazy errands (paper muffin cups for baby shower with animal theme - WAY TOO SPECIFIC), I was running about two hours behind schedule.
And then the phone rang, and when I got off, I was running four (yes, FOUR) hours behind schedule. Which was ABSOLUTLEY WORTH IT, because finally FINALLY I connected with my friend Marion (aka god-baby-mama) after playing phone tag for weeks).
So, we went for slightly healthy-ish fast food for dinner and I sewed the baby gift (which I had bought a pattern for at JoAnne's the same day because I LIKE TO PREPARE WAAAAAY AHEAD OF TIME) until 10:30pm (which isn't bad at all).
Now all I need to do this morning is this:
1. Bake animal shape cookies.
2. Decorate animal cookies with cute little faces and tails and stuff.
3. Make chocolatey chocolate muffins.
4. Frost and decorate chocolatey chocolate muffins with animal cookies.
5. Make and print out game sheets for "make as many baby names as possible with the letters of mom and dad's names" game.
6. Tape or glue strips of paper around baby food jars to disguise them for taste testing game.
7. Make up game sheets for taste testing game.
8. Make baby shower card (d'you know how expensive cards are at Target? I didn't have time to go to YET ANOTHER store...)
9. eat something
10. shower
11. get directions
12. leave the house ON TIME.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm working on an apron for my friend's daughter. She (the daughter, not the friend) is 5 years old and loves all things pink. We decided on this colaboration because my friend recently had her 4th baby (who is by all accounts extremely adorable) and thus has no time to sew, and because I couldn't stand idly by while someone I know buys a child's apron from a ritzy store (which didn't stop me from buying two birds - BIRDS, of all things, but let's talk about that some other time, hmkay?).
Here's the apron I talked her out of buying:
ritzy apron
Now this is my problem. We discussed adding a cute design on the front of the apron, and I thought it would be really cute to have flowers "growing out of" the pocket. Since I needed something playful and inspiring to do today, I worked on the design of the flowers. Now I have too many ideas.
apron flower designs
All buttons? Ric-rac and buttons? Fabric and buttons? Fabric, ric-rac, and buttons? HELP ME!!!
There will be three flowers (the fourth one here is only representing the 4th possible design). You have to (HAVE TO!) vote on the following:
1. design
2. petal colors (do we like the green-yellow?)
3. center color (if you choose the design with the button center)
FYI: My friend chose the fabrics. The pocket will be pink (just like the trim you see in the first picture and the center of the fabric center flowers). I wouldn't be devastated if I didn't have to sew on three million buttons. Just sayin'.
Here are your contestants:
button stem, button center, button petals
ric-rac stem, button center, button petals
button stem, fabric center, button petals
ric-rac stem, fabric center, button petals
Feel free to leave the longest comments, ever.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I've been having quite the week with allergies and job-related drama and PMSing, but am happy to report that I'm feeling much better today, and that I've gotten quite some crafting done. See for yourselves:

item #1: Purple Dress
I finished the pants and the hat. I decided to improve the pattern by making the hat reversible, which turned out a wee bit crumply, but mostly fine and definitely reversible.
hat outside
hat inside
I'm calling the whole thing a success!

item #2: Knitting
I needed something to do while watching a movie last week, so I dove into my yarn stash and taught myself to cable from this book. I had somehow thought that cable-ing was extremely difficult and only to be attempted by knitting super-heroes, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and by how well I did with it.
My First Cable
The yarn was an inherited left-over, so the one ball I got was all there was. The pattern I was working with is for a jacket, and since I didn't want to end up with a one-sleeved jacket or anything similarly embarrassing and frustrating, I decided to turn this first attempt into a little clutch purse, lined with satin or some other fun fabric.
Then I moved on and bought this lovely green cotton ease, which I'm very much in love with even though it's only 50% cotton. It won me over with its pretty colors and soft softness. I'm making this jacket. Cute, huh?!
green cable
It's turning out well, isn't it?!

item #3: Quilting
I have a friend who had her second baby on Tuesday. I'm making dinner for them next Sunday, so this should be done by then. So far, the progress is promising...
Sawtooth Stars
It's going to be a nursery wall hanging, and my plan is to quilt the two boys' names into it. Thankfully, they're both short names. :)
(individual star pictures on flickr)

item #4: boldly going to where I've never gone before
I'm getting an application for a booth at the annual local craft fair this October. Booths run upwards of $150.- and I don't have anything to sell (at this point). But I made the call!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

all done!

all done!
Originally uploaded by girlwithfabric.

Here's the promised picture of the dress - all done. Click on the picture to make your way to flickr to see a close-up view of the back.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

purple progress

Originally uploaded by

Making the buttonholes (I practiced first - see picture!) turned out to be not only easy but actually fun (once I'd figured out how to do it)! My machine does it practically by itself, and I'm happy to report that The Purple Dress is done. Sure, it turned out HUGE - Hannah can probably wear it for her first birthday - but it's cute and I'd rather sew too big than too small.
I'm working on the hat and panties now...

Picture of the dress will follow as soon as the weather clears up - I'm having lighting issues!

Friday, April 13, 2007

purple work in progress

Originally uploaded by

This dress hasn't been as easy to make as I anticipated, and while it's certainly not been a walk in the park, I've gotten a little bit of work done each day this week. It looks done in this picture, but alas, the worst is still ahead of me: buttonholes.

Originally uploaded by

My machine makes buttonholes automatically, but I haven't used that function before, so I'm a little nervous. I'll be making some practice buttonholes before I touch this project again!
And once the dress is done, there's the hat and the panties I'm making to complete the set.
And as if that wasn't enough crafting on the horizon, I also have (at least) one more project for the fat quarter challenge, a nursery wall hanging for a friend with a due date in April, a denim skirt for myself, and a bunch of curtains to make. Yikes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

because I'm a rockin' aunt

My Best Friend made me a godmother on Friday!
To celebrate my aunthood, I dug out these pictures of the gift I made for my niece's 6th birthday last year. She likes to dress up, so I thought that instead of buying her just another princess outfit, I'd make her a ballerina outfit. I got the leotard on sale at Target, then bought about a million yards of pink tull and some satin ribbon and made this tutu.
ballet outfit
And since my niece wasn't available to model, I took care of that. The tutu is made like a wrap skirt and rather big so it can be enjoyed for years to come, which is why it fit me when I REALLYREALLY sucked in my gut.
modeling the tutu - not breathing