Friday, March 16, 2007

baby afghans

Alrighty. Tweets has asked me about my crocheting, so here we go. Unfortunately, I only have digital pictures of one of the afghans I did:

finished baby gift, originally uploaded by girlwithfabric.
(more pictures on flickr)
I usually use this book from my crafty library. The book was inexpensive, and the patterns are clear and not too complicated. My only complaint is that the afghans turn out huge, but that's easily remedied - I simply adjust the patterns to make the blankies smaller.

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tweetey29 said...

Yes Thank you Sonja. I dont have this book. I have the Leisure Arts Our Best Baby Afghans. Is there some way you could e-mail me the instructions on this one or copy them at the library or some way and I can always e-mail you my home address to send it to me. I like it. Thanks again.