Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pencil roll

I've been admiring the pencil rolls Lori creates, so when we were invited to a third birthday party, I immediately thought "PENCIL ROLL TIME!" (As an unrelated aside, we've been invited to three weddings this Summer, which excites me because it gives me an excuse to make a tie and vest for my boy. Wheeee!)
I used my trusty friend google to find a tutorial (this one), agonized over fabric choices for a good hour, and finally set to work.

The birthday girl herself was a little pink-glitter-princess-blinded by her other gifts, but her mom was over the moon and very impressed with me for gifting something handmade. WIN! :)


Kerstin said...

Amazing ant totally cute!

Cassie @ You Go Girl said...

Your pencil roll looks fabbity-fab-fab! Thanks for linking to my site.

You go girl~

Inka said...
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Inka said...

Gibts dazu ein Schnittmuster ... also eins, das auch ich versteh (soviel zum "verhandlungssicheren Englisch")? Nicht dass ich mich an sowas jemals wirklich halten w├╝rde ;o)