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Saturday, July 7, 2007

gift for baby Landon

And here's what I was sewing last night! Inspired by all the little outfits Lera has been making for Sawyer...
I didn't realize, of course, that my fabric was directional, which made the whole thing a bit more fabric-consuming than expected (I just so had enough fabric).
Now, people, I need y'all to look at the bib close-up picture on flickr and tell me if there's a way to make the bias tape hug corners better. I'm frustrated with how many folds I had to sew into the bias tape, but I didn't have the time (or energy) to undo and try again or to undo and go without bias tape.
I had initially planned to make the bib with the animal fabric on the front and a big appliqued "L" on it, but then I ran into fabric-matching issues, and then I realized that it would be too much (way too much, as a matter of fact) to have the kid wear the animal pants and the bib at the same time (dizzying!)
Allrighty. I'm rambling. I better go make those cookies and cupcakes and whatnot. See you on the flip-flop!