Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Because cake is good

Since I'm currently busy fighting the ants for the kitchen (having to clean up every. single. tiny. little. crumb!) and cutting out the parts of a sewing pattern (and there are many, many parts to cut out), I have nothing newly crafted for you. How about instead of something new, y'all take a look at this cake I thought up for some dear friends who moved from California to Colorado last summer!

cake shape, originally uploaded by girlwithfabric.

I started out with yellow and chocolate cake mix. Thank you, Betty Crocker!
I baked one 9x13 pyrex dish chocolate cake for the base, a small loaf yellow cake for the main truck part, and a miscellaneous IKEA pan yellow cake for the truck cockpit. Using the main truck part as a giude for size, I cut the rest of everything to scale (somewhere My Husband is still saying thank you for cake scraps).

oreo wheels, originally uploaded by girlwithfabric.

I used a piece of foam poster board, wrapped in aluminum foil, for the cake to stand on, and a piece of floral foam, also wrapped in aluminum foil, to hold the base of the cake up. I covered the base with chocolate frosting, then attached the wheels (two oreos stuck together with frosting).

frosting the van, originally uploaded by girlwithfabric.

The rest of the truck was vanilla-ed. The decorations were a bunch of candies from the cake decorating aisle in my grocery store.

moving van cake, originally uploaded by girlwithfabric.

As usual, it was sort of touch and go in different places (I couldn't figure out what to use for wheels for a long time), and transporting it to the park where our friends were having their farewell party was really emotional for me (no kidding) because I was incredibly worried the whole thing would slip off the seat (though it was buckled in) or fall apart or melt or...

cake baker, originally uploaded by girlwithfabric.

But we made it, and people were totally impressed with me. Just the way I like it.

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tweetey29 said...

That is awsome sonja. I like it. I hope they did too. But I think you already said that.LOL...