Tuesday, April 3, 2007

because I'm a rockin' aunt

My Best Friend made me a godmother on Friday!
To celebrate my aunthood, I dug out these pictures of the gift I made for my niece's 6th birthday last year. She likes to dress up, so I thought that instead of buying her just another princess outfit, I'd make her a ballerina outfit. I got the leotard on sale at Target, then bought about a million yards of pink tull and some satin ribbon and made this tutu.
ballet outfit
And since my niece wasn't available to model, I took care of that. The tutu is made like a wrap skirt and rather big so it can be enjoyed for years to come, which is why it fit me when I REALLYREALLY sucked in my gut.
modeling the tutu - not breathing


Sarah said...

Sonja -

Love the tutu. I am sure your niece loved it too. I know my 8 year old daughter would be prancing around the house in it all the time!

I also love all your chickens! Do you make up these patterns yourself? I love the bright fabrics you used.

I too am a fabric addict. I am a quilter and have enough fabric to last me several lifetimes! I am trying to refrain from buying fabric until i use up some of what I already own. Feel free to wander over to my blog and check out my quilts.

Sitting said...

you are so adorable. I think you should make one for yourself. and then wear it to work. just for kicks. ;)

Anonymous said...

which is why it fit me when I REALLYREALLY sucked in my gut

You are the teacher, what you say must go!

Sonja said...

Sarah - my niece actually wear this to her ballet class now. I love the green quilt you made just recently - the lines are so fun!
Nicole - we'll just have to see about that, won't we?!!
Eli - It's true...

tweetey29 said...

So cute. You have so much talent with these things. I still say you should try a craft fair sometime.

Nessie Noodle said...

you made a tutu? I LOVE this.
I have been thinknig that I want a tutu to be completly silly..
she is going to love it.

Beth said...

I love how the layers of tulle lie on each other - very beautiful.