Tuesday, April 24, 2007

March/April Tie One On - finished!

March/April Tie one on
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I've mentioned before how unsatisfying this project was. The most frustrating part was trying to take a picture of me wearing the apron. I tried different outfits, different angles, different kinds of lighting, different photographers, indoors, outdoors - nothing worked. And so I give you this mosaic of close-ups instead.
Here's to hoping the next apron won't be such a challenge!


tweetey29 said...

I think its nice from what I can see of it. I suppose I can click on the pics and get better shots of it. LOL...

laeroport said...

I've decided aprons are one of the hardest things to photograph properly. But it looks lovely. :)

Claire said...

It sure turned out cute! Love the soft yellow rickrack!