Tuesday, May 8, 2007


It's amazing to me how much working cuts into my blogging time!
Now, seriously. I'm working (for three days) as a temp doing data entry, and I'm really not used to working 8-5. On top of that, I'm recovering from a busy weekend with little sleep, and after staring at not one but two computer screens at the office all day, I'm in no condition to blog or read blogs when I get home. I'll delight you again with my presence on Thursday or Friday - and then I'll catch up on your blogs, too!
Have a happy week!


tweetey29 said...

Take your time getting back to us. Its not easy working those hours when not adjusted to it. Enjoy the money though. LOL.. Happy week.

Claire said...

Ooh. I feel for you. Speaking as a 3 day a week temp myself.
Take a nap. Get some rest. The internet will still be here when you feel like getting back to it.