Thursday, June 21, 2007

mission: accomplished!

Thank God for IKEA. Of course, I ended up going there three times over the last three days, but at least it's close and they have divine cinnamon rolls (and even though I was there three times, I only had one - I have some restraint, though not when it comes to fabric. Wait. What was I saying? Right, IKEA.)
Well. Click on the picture to get to flickr, where more pictures and many, many notes are waiting.
And though it's tempting, I'm now not going to sew, I'm going outside to sit in my kiddy pool (that I purchased just for myself, thankyouverymuch) to cool off. Lovely 98 degree weather... pffffft!


Karyn said...

98 degrees??? ouch!! I'd be sitting in a kiddie pool too!! Your room looks great and I would have had 3 cinnamon rolls. I have no self control :)

lera said...

I can just imagine you in a kiddie pool.

I'm getting a little jealous of everyone's new sewing/crafting spaces. Or a lot jealous. Looks great.

tweetey30 said...

Lera I just do my crocheting in the livingroom and have a special corner for all my yarn. But since we moved into the house I have a closet all to myself on the floor for my bin of yarn. Its all mis matched stuff I got from my mother in law.

Sonja your room looks just beautiful and I dont blame you one bit for having the kiddie pool. That is our next step for the girls this weekend.

pretendingsanity said...

I am SO jealous that you can shop at ikea!!!