Saturday, July 7, 2007

getting ready to shower

not myself, a mom and dad! I'm helping put together a co-ed baby shower today (must leave house at noon). Of course, I had the craziest day ever yesterday with errands that needed to be run (one of which was to JoAnne's, where HOLD ME! fat quarters are 99cents (until July 21st, FYI) and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I only bought one. Eins. Uno. Un. One. I think I might need medical attention.
Anyways. I had made this grand plan the night before. I wrote out what I needed to do and which order to do it in and how much time it should take. Cute, huh? Of course, when I came home from running all the crazy errands (paper muffin cups for baby shower with animal theme - WAY TOO SPECIFIC), I was running about two hours behind schedule.
And then the phone rang, and when I got off, I was running four (yes, FOUR) hours behind schedule. Which was ABSOLUTLEY WORTH IT, because finally FINALLY I connected with my friend Marion (aka god-baby-mama) after playing phone tag for weeks).
So, we went for slightly healthy-ish fast food for dinner and I sewed the baby gift (which I had bought a pattern for at JoAnne's the same day because I LIKE TO PREPARE WAAAAAY AHEAD OF TIME) until 10:30pm (which isn't bad at all).
Now all I need to do this morning is this:
1. Bake animal shape cookies.
2. Decorate animal cookies with cute little faces and tails and stuff.
3. Make chocolatey chocolate muffins.
4. Frost and decorate chocolatey chocolate muffins with animal cookies.
5. Make and print out game sheets for "make as many baby names as possible with the letters of mom and dad's names" game.
6. Tape or glue strips of paper around baby food jars to disguise them for taste testing game.
7. Make up game sheets for taste testing game.
8. Make baby shower card (d'you know how expensive cards are at Target? I didn't have time to go to YET ANOTHER store...)
9. eat something
10. shower
11. get directions
12. leave the house ON TIME.

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lera said...

I love chocolate, chocolate chip muffins. I've never seen Ghirardelli brand before. I bet they were yummy.

(And I can't believe you escaped with only ONE fat quarter!)