Monday, July 16, 2007

quickie sewing

I made this little outfit for Hannah (since the dress I made her won't fit for another year or so). The denim was left over from my skirt (which is also done - pictures to come soon) and the red-and-white fabric is some of that delicious Alexander Henry stuff I scored on sale at JoAnne's a while back. The pattern is pretty basic and uncomplicated (yessss!). It's out of print, but they have a very similar one in the Easy stich'n'save line.
I still have to add elastic into the pants' waist (I'm out - how lame!), so I'll have to go to JoAnne's, and you know how much I hate that... ;) (99cent fat quarters, here I come!). I love me a quick and easy project!


tweetey30 said...

You wouldnt want to go into our Wal Mart by the yarn then because they have this very pretty material on clearance. A dollar a yard. I am tempted if its still there when x-mas comes around to buy more of it and see if my god mother will make the girls an outfit out of it.

lera said...

The outfit is darling. I have that same AH fabric, but haven't used it yet (I think that's becoming my motto).

Karyn said...


99 cent fat quarters again?????

I need to do a little cross-border shopping :)