Tuesday, November 27, 2007

baby project, baby

I bought these fabrics back in June, and even commented on the flickr photo that I was "so excited to get started" on the quilt. Pfffft.
NOVEMBER. That's all I have to say. NOVEMBER.
Anyways. The blocks are done, now I just have to turn it into an actualy QUILT by SATURDAY.
Then I have to go to a babyshower, which is not very high on my list of priorities. In this case even worse than usual since 1. I'm pretty sure I won't know any of the guests, but only my friend who is the pregnant lady being showered and 2. I see no conceivable way of putting myself in charge of the games (which is my strategy of avoiding participation, for lo, I hate party games).
Should be fun, right?


bethany actually said...

I hear ya on the party games. Good luck with the quilt!

Karyn said...

That's going to be one spiffy quilt! And, have fun with the party games :)