Wednesday, June 17, 2009

labor vibes scrapbook

A few weeks ago, my friend Jamie was on the brink of having a baby. Our moms group held a blessingway for her where we each told her our wishes and prayers for her labor, birth, and postpartum period. Throughout our time together, I took pictures of us, and then each mama wrote out a little note of encouragement during labor. I took those notes home, and (with a looming deadline, ha!) put the notes and photos together in a little scrap book.
I had initially gone to Target to buy a pretty notebook to use, but all the books they had would have been too big, leaving loads of empty pages. I was considering a spiral-bound notebook that would easily allow me to remove unnecessary pages* when packages of brightly colored file folders caught my eye. A picture of a hand-made mini scrapbook I'd seen on etsy flashed through my mind, and I spontaneously decided to make my own scrapbook out of those file folders.
I hit a few snags (e.g. when I realized that the scrapbook I wanted to emulate was made out of brown paper bags, not file folders), but it turned out great. See:
More pictures on flickr...

*This was a no-go because I didn't want to have a big spiral with a few pages on it... What, anal, me?! Ha!


Yara said...

You are so awesome

Shana said...

Very cute idea!

peata said...

sweet mini
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JenK said...

I love this! I am so going to give it a try. Just as soon as I finish the other 32372837 projects I have waiting.