Sunday, March 25, 2007

chicken fascination taken one step further

Karlanda the scrap chicken
Karlanda is named after an IKEA couch in honor of my mother. You don't have to understand this - but you do have to admit that Karlanda is a fitting name for this fine bird.
She (Karlanda, not my mother) is part of a challenge I'm working on - the Fat Quarter Challenge. I'm trying to use up every last bit of that yellow-with-red-dots fat quarter. So far, I've made the two lovey-dovey chickens and Karlanda here, and I still have fabric left over. I see another evening spent in the sewing room in my immediate future...

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tweetey29 said...

I see my girls just loving one of those for easter from the easter bunny. LOL... I like it. they are cute. Beautiful name also. Hope you are having fun. I wish I could sew like that. I would love to get the girls quilts made. I have the material I just need to get the money to mail them to my godmother.