Monday, March 19, 2007

hooray for headbands!

hooray for head bands mosaic
It was my friend Sarah's birthday this weekend. Ever since I've known her, I've always given her funny T-Shirts for her birthday. Sarah is from Iowa, so it all started with an "Everybody loves a midwestern girl" shirt. Next up was an "Iowa Rocks" tee from CafePress, and last year, I rounded out the collection with a "Do I make you corny, baby?" shirt with a corn cob on the front.
This year, I put myself in charge of her birthday cake (decorate your own cupcake - an absolute hit), which left room in the gift-budget for something else small. Inspiration took its sweet time to come to me, and so when it finally hit, I had about 30 minutes to sew this head band Sunday morning before church. I had to do my hair in the car on the way over, but the headband turned out great and the birthday girl loved it.
The pattern is from the fabulous Heather Bailey's website. It's an easy, clear pattern - if you sew and have hair that wants to be held back, you should give it a try.
(On a slightly unrelated note: Do you see those tiny wee little braids? My New Year's Resolution for 2007 was to let my hair grow out - sweet success is coming to me slowly but surely (and with lots of hair spray)!!!)

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tweetey29 said...

Its adorable. I always have my hair in a ponytail. doesnt matter what I am doing.