Thursday, April 12, 2007


newborn hat and mittens
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The purple dress is being a bit of a headache (the instructions are worded so strangely!), so I turned to knitting to give my brain a little rest. I've had the yarn for a while and I've been thinking about what project would be worthy of the material - it's just so gorgeous! Now I decided that instead of waiting for a special project, I'd just choose a project and make it special with the material. So I don't have a tiny recipient planned for this gift, but I had a good time making it.

yarn: Patagonia Nature Cotton
pattern: hat is from
Stich'n'Bitch, mittens are my own with some inspiration from Adorable Knits for Tots

tiny mitten close-up
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tweetey29 said...

That set is so cool. I dont know how ot make mittens. I made B's hat when we got there new jackets two years ago and she just loves it. I made it extra big where when I fold it over its almost double layered.

Allison said...

I have a sample of the nature cotton that a rep gave me. I just love to pet it! the colorway you chose is really pretty.

pretendingsanity said...

ps comment above was from me!

Melissa said...

Hi, I saw your link on Soulemama's blog this morning... your knitted hat and mittens are really cute!