Friday, April 13, 2007

purple work in progress

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This dress hasn't been as easy to make as I anticipated, and while it's certainly not been a walk in the park, I've gotten a little bit of work done each day this week. It looks done in this picture, but alas, the worst is still ahead of me: buttonholes.

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My machine makes buttonholes automatically, but I haven't used that function before, so I'm a little nervous. I'll be making some practice buttonholes before I touch this project again!
And once the dress is done, there's the hat and the panties I'm making to complete the set.
And as if that wasn't enough crafting on the horizon, I also have (at least) one more project for the fat quarter challenge, a nursery wall hanging for a friend with a due date in April, a denim skirt for myself, and a bunch of curtains to make. Yikes.


tweetey29 said...

Sonja that is beautiful. I love the purple. I think she will like it also when she gets a bit bigger.LOL... Are you going to send it to her or just bring it to her when you see her sometime?? Just wondering. Well have to go shower and get ready to go. We are going to out of town for the day and then be back by bedtime. Then relax tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

pretendingsanity said...

it's so cute. And buttonholes, that's ALL I can make :)