Sunday, May 27, 2007

crafta interrupta

knitting store in Frisco, CO
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I neglected to mention that I was going out of town (and state) for Memorial Day. We drove about 16 hours to visit friends in Colorado. In a moment of complete idiocy, I left the house without a craft project. I know.
So when we saw this knitting store during a potty break in Frisco (gorgeous, BTW), the magical powers of knit and purl pulled me right in. Sadly, I couldn't stomach the prices ($45.- for one skein of admittedly gorgeous yarn, anyone?).
At least there was absolutely beautiful scenery to look at.
Hope you're having a good Holiday!


Karyn said...

You left he house without a craft project???? What were you thinking???? :)

Sonja said...

I know. I know... I KNOW!
I made it to a local JoAnne's yesterday and ended up with a cross-stitch kit for the way home. I can breathe now.

lera said...

Yikes! Leaving for a long road trip without crafting items!

I would find it hard to pay $45 for a skein of yarn.

tweetey29 said...

Leaving the house without a craft project is like leaving the house with out your purse for those of you that carry one. You wouldnt see me paying $45 dollars for no skein of yarn. I like my 2.18 skeins from Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby.