Friday, May 18, 2007

how to tell when you're overwhelmed and/or distracted

99 cent fat quarters
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I saw that Blair is making this quilt. Kinda cute, I thought, and emailed a link of the pattern to a friend, along with some other sewing talk. She replied back and mentioned "30 fat quarters."
Last night, I was a wee bit frustrated with my day (had to fill out COMPLETELY UNECESSARY PAPERWORK) and decided to hit JoAnne's on my way home for a quick pick-me-up on sale fat quarter. I thought about the quilt pattern and bought the 30 fat quarters I needed. And felt better.
Until I looked at the pattern again this morning and realized that I only need 14 fat quarters for that quilt top.
Oh well... just have to make it a little bigger, then, won't I?!!


Karyn said...

What a great collection you have there, I can't wait to see what it becomes!

lera said...

Those are pretty fat quarters. I'm anxious to see your quilt.

(Just think of all the other things you can make with the extra fat quarters!)

tweetey29 said...

Or make two quilts. You have 30 and need only 14 so you have enough for two. Have fun with them.