Saturday, September 15, 2007

the stupid thing I did

Okay, so the Stupid Thing I Did is that one morning about two or three weeks ago, I shook my husband's hand after agreeing to not sew anything else before finishing the evil bedroom curtains (His Royal Highness of Muchwork but Tooshort and his companion, Not Evenstartedyet). I can only blame the earliness of the hour and the jetlag that had me in its dark and evil grip.
No Big Quilt.
No hemming of pants.
No baby quilt making (due dates I need to craft for are in December, January, and February).
Nothing. Just curtain-related non-craftiness.
I wonder how long I'll put it off. We'll officially have lived here for one year on September 23rd.


bethany actually said...

Why are the things you *have* to do never as fun? I hope you can whip those curtains up in no time once you start. (And we've lived here two years and still haven't hung about 80% of our photos and paintings.)

lera said...

Uh-oh. I think you better get started on the obligatory sewing, which is NEVER as much fun as creative sewing. Good luck.

(And, next time, learn from your mistake and don't make any crazy deals! lol)

Karyn said...

That'll teach you!!!
he he he

Dana said...

I feel for ya! I need to make curtains for our girls' room. The room was finished in...April? There's still a tablecloth nailed to the windowframe as a makeshift curtain. Woe is me. Curtains are so...well, BORING! Quilts, and totes, and little girls dresses are much more fun to sew!


tweetey30 said...

That is about the time we moved into our house too. We moved in Sept 25th right after we signed our papers. LOL...

Claire said...

Oops. I feel your pain. I have a similar binding agreement going with my husband- no more new art/craft supplies (until I either a. run out or b. make some money from the business).
I hope you can get the horrid curtains done soon! And I'm sure you'll love them once they're done.