Sunday, October 7, 2007

Welcome to my land, the Nation of Procrasti

So, I've finally done it. The curtains are up.

I totally cheated. After deciding several times over the last 3 weeks that today would be the day, that I'd go home early to sew those creativity-sucking curtains, and NOT GETTING AROUND TO IT because there's so much work to do and I'm just exhausted at the end of every day, I went to Target on Friday. And bought curtain rods and curtains and called it a day.
Of course, there was a trip to another Target to pick up more brown curtains (the first Target only had ONE panel left) and a trip to Home Depot to pick up cheap curtain rod brackets because the pretty ones that came with the curtain rods stuck out from the wall too far and I wouldn't have been able to open the closet had we used them (the house is clearly out to annoy me).
At any rate, the curtains are up, they look fab, they will go with the Big Quilt, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I AM ALLOWED TO CRAFT AGAIN!!!

I've cut out most of the pieces for the two Americana baby quilts. Yesssssss!


Karyn said...

Yippee!!! That's great news!!! he he he

And by the way, I think you did the right thing by getting the curtains at Target ;)

bethany actually said...

Yay, now you can craft again! :-)

tweetey30 said...

Sounds like things are going fine for you and your crafting. Hope it continues when you have the time. How is teaching going anyway?

Chara Michele said...

That is hilarious:) Yay for being able to craft again!

Claire said...

Too funny! Cheers for being able to craft again! Cheers for just getting things done!