Monday, October 29, 2007

circle of life

*cough, cough*
Are there readers left? People who get so bored with their own lives that they still routinely check on my unproductive crafting life? Or perhaps people who use a feed reader?
Anywhoo. I'm on the couch sick today instead of dealing with what one of my students is dishing out at school, bemoaning the fact that food is just... disgusting (how can people eat this stuff?!!), watching The Lord of the Rings and seamripping the binding from an old un-quilt.
You see, the quilt top came together very nicely, but there was issue after issue with the rest of it. In order to call it a "finished project," I finally just sewed the binding on thinking I'd do the quilting later.
Hint: Not a good idea.
So now I'm ready to do it right... and while the riders of Rohan are hurrying to Helms Deep, I'm sipping tea (tea: good, food: bad) and ripping seams.


Claire said...

Hey, you're in my Bloglines!
Hope you feel better soon.

Chara Michele said...

I use a feed reader, but I am terribly behind with reading blogs... hence the comment several days after you posted! :)