Saturday, December 1, 2007


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You know what's hard? Following a post with a pregnancy announcement and the audio of baby's heartbeat!
So. Umm. I made a big, cat-shaped brownie for a friend's birthday.
I learned much:
1. Make sure you have ingredients. If I had had eggs on hand, I wouldn't have had to go begging for one at the neighbor's house. In the rain. In my sweats.
(As an aside: I love knowing my neighbors well enough to go borrow eggs.)
2. Do not cut a warm brownie into layers. It will be a messy affair and leave you with at least one hole-y layer.
3. Frosting covers a multitude of sins. And holes.

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tweetey30 said...

Looks Yummie. I want to bake cookies but couldnt find the the generic baking sheets last night. Oh well it will just have to wait.