Saturday, January 12, 2008

finished project

I finally made a pillow case for my enormous pregnant-lady body pillow. I was pretty sloppy and fast, but it turned out great. I'll be snuggly tonight! :)


laeroport said...

Enormous! Pffft! You're still wearing jeans, my dear! It will get worse. Oh yes. It will get worse.
And yea for a finished project. I never did get one of them fancy pillow things - I just used about 6 different pillows crammed in all sorts of contorted positions. My poor husband nearly didn't fit in the bed.

juju said...

You will get new more enormous jeans as times go. I am 33 weeks now, and on my fourth size of jeans...It's really scary.
About the pillow, by thirty weeks, you don't fit in the pillow either and have to resort to a wedge shape mini pillow to go under your then enormous belly.
I started weighing 100lbs, now guess what I am 133lbs! a pound gained a week, how could that be!