Tuesday, September 16, 2008

going overboard

locomotive & trees
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Last Sunday was Noah's dedication at our church. I made a cake for the party we had at my in-laws' house. I used my new favorite cake pan from Williams Sonoma. It was a splurge, but I'm thinking it was worth it because the little cakes came out of the form with no problems (except for one tiny stuck smokestack).
Of course, things couldn't go off without a hitch, so I overfilled the pan and the cake overflowed, but we were able to salvage some of the extra and cut out stars in different sizes to build trees.
Decorating the cake was precision work, but it also entailed hunting for candy (love) and playing around (love, love, love).
I'm predicting train cake for every birthday and special occasion for the next few years... :)
Click on the picture for more photos of the cake!

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lera said...

Very cute, Sonja!