Saturday, December 6, 2008

December Projects

Oh right. I have another blog. Hmmm.
I've been crafting it up a little, and my goal for December - at least until Christmas - is to do something crafty every day.
burp cloth candy cane
On the first, I made a candy cane table runner out of one of Noah's burp cloths and red bias tape. It was a quick and dirty project, took less than 45 minutes, and was of course done to avoid doing some chores. Very satisfying!
On the second, I did quite a bit of work on this year's standard issue Christmas gift: photo calendars. This is my ninth year making a calendar for my parents, and the first year of making one for my sister, who is moving into her own appartment in January. I used blank calendars, made photo collages in power point, printed them, and glued them on (just FYI: This sounds a lot easier than it was, what with accidentally printing in black and white a few times, running out of ink, and other assorted small-scale catastrophes).
New this year: I also made calendars for other relatives because I decided that everyone would enjoy Noah's baby pictures and I would enjoy making one gift and duplicating it rather than shopping my little heart out with a child that can only handle 1-2 hours at the mall. For these, I chose 13 pictures (one for the cover!), dropped them off at Staples, and picked up the calendars a few days later. GENIUS! Even better would have been had I been able to get their website to do my bidding, because in theory, I could have just uploaded my photos and done all the ordering online, then simply picked the finished product up in the store. Maybe next year...
golden pumpkins
On the third, I christmased my house. I cleaned my windows (!!!) to put up my stars (here's a photo). Then, I spray-painted my pumpkins to see if they could become Christmas decorations. While I think they look really interesting (fascinating, in fact), I'm not sure I want them as decoration... what do you guys think?
On the fourth, I made applesauce in the crock pot. Is applesauce crafty? No matter what, it was absolutely delicious. As a matter of fact, I have the next batch in the crock pot right now!
On the fifth, I did nothing crafty. I didn't even make dinner, as a matter of fact. I did, however, get my hair cut (!!!) and decided what to wear for my fancy country club brunch, so still a productive day.
advent wreath
Today, I finally decorated my advent wreath. I had real problems finding the candles I wanted. In the past years, the wreath has been silver/white, and I wanted to go with a more red theme this year. Well. Red, unscented pillar candles? DO NOT EXIST. I looked at a few places, and then just ended up with the same white pillars from Target. Better luck next year, I guess!
I have grand plans for the next weeks: Stockings, a Merry Christmas garland, salt dough ornaments... stay tuned!

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