Saturday, April 9, 2011

catching up, as usual

There's been quite a bit of crafting going on around here!
My mom and sister were here to visit, which helped me get unstuck with some of the projects I'd been working (or rather, NOT working) on for a while and with projects I'd been thinking about for a while.
During one of our fabric-shopping outings, Noah fell in love with a fat quarter, which of course meant I had to buy it for him. He called it "my mice" and carried it around and was quite reluctant to give it up so I could wash it. Wash it I did, and then I was even allowed to make him a pencil roll out of it:

During a different fabric-shopping outing, I fell in love with these chickens. Bought them, brought them home, made a table runner out of them. And now they make me happy every day.
Next up, I made a crayon roll that I'd promised a friend a while ago. A long while.
And finally, for a sewing quickie one afternoon last weekend, I made boot shapers (or boot pillows, as I like to call them). The idea for them popped up somewhere in my feed reader, but I can't remember where... at any rate, my boots went from sad and droopy to happy and perky:

And here are the magical pillows:
I simply measured my boots, added half an inch all around, cut the pieces out of a fat quarter, sewed them together, stuffed them, and sewed them shut. It took less than an hour and was very satisfying.


Annika said...

Oh man, those chickens! I love them!

Yara said...

I have similar chickens in the house somewhere, waiting to me made into something.