Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter crafting

I had this great vision for egg decorating... mod-podging small pieces of tissue paper onto blown-out eggs.
egg materials
materials at the ready
What I hadn't anticipated was that the roundness of the eggs, the messiness of the mod-podging, and Noah's sickness-induced lethargy would be the trifecta of anti-egg-decoratingness. We made one egg together, then he requested paint.
wanted to paint instead
He managed to paint one egg before running out of steam. Poor thing! He was still sicker than I'd thought.
I managed to mod-podge a few eggs, and then helped Noah paint a few more to use up all the paint he'd insisted I squeeze onto his paper plate pallet.
Overall not what I'd anticipated, but still pretty good.

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Yara said...

That's much nicer than our eggs. Ours were plastic (but filled with coins) and at the last minute, Ev had to go find stickers so each child would know which eggs belonged to them. So, our egg craft was putting stickers on plastic eggs. Yeah.
But we had fun!