Thursday, August 11, 2011

my new skirt took this photo of me - thanks, Bethany!

I'm being silly here, but I thought it showed the skirt I made myself last week pretty well.
I found this tutorial and was inspired to dust off my serger, thread it (!!!), and get to work. I had bought some striped knit fabric a while ago thinking that it'd be perfect for a skirt, so I used that. And because I have trouble following directions (I can, I just don't want to), I decided to alter the pattern a little. Instead of tracing and cutting a second circle to make the skirt round, I just cut one circle for the waist and left the rest of my fabric-rectangle intact. I really like how that turned out.


Of course, this being me, I also made a mistake. The piece of fabric I had wasn't huge, so I cut the strip for the waistband from the length of the fabric rather than the width of the fabric (since that would have made the skirt too short for my taste). I didn't think anything of it, but when I tried on the finished skirt, I realized that it was way too big in the waist. I retraced my steps, thinking that I had measured my waist wrong, but my measurements were accurate. Finally, I realized that my waistband stretches really nicely up and down, but not left and right. FAIL!
I thought about abandoning ship, but realized that I could sew a fold into the waist band to sort of gather the skirt in one place. I removed about 3 inches from the waistband, which greatly improved the fit of the skirt. It also added some cool, asymmetrical interest to my skirt, which I dig.

beachy me

It fits really well when it first comes out of the dryer. Shrinking FTW!
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bethany actually said...

It's a lovely skirt. I'm honored to have taken the photos and then had them stolen from me.